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Christmas Giveaway!

GAW ends in:


A winner has been chosen!!!

The winner is Ashley Mick.  Ashley has selected the GEC 44 Buffalo Jack!

However, I eluded to something special this year.  Actually it is a slight twist on my giveaway.  It seems that with most things, nobody wants to be first and nobody likes to be last, especially with respect to random drawings.  Well, I have a treat for you.  In addition to selecting a winner by random drawing ..... the first entry and the last entry will also win a knife.  How this will work is that the winner of the random drawing will get first choice of a knife.  The member who submitted the first entry will get next choice from the remaining knives and the member who was the last to submit an entry gets to choose from the remaining three.  As I noted,  I have notified Ashley and after a knife has been selected .... will notify the first entrant (J.J. Smith) so he can select a knife from the remaining 4.  I will then notify the last entrant (Andy Moon) so he can select a knife from the remaining 3.  Congratulations to the winners and a Merry Christmas to everyone.

J.J. Smith was the first entrant and selected the Mihalevich friction folder.

Andy Moon was the last entrant and selected the Case Seahorse Whittler.

Knife #1

Custom miniature friction folder by Shelby Mihalevich.  This is a neat little friction folder with an antler tip handle.  The Alabama Damascus blade is 2"  Weight:  .5 oz (1.35 oz in the included clip sheath). Closed length:  3.125".  The standard size paperclip in the pic is for size reference.



Knife #3

GEC 44 Northfield Buffalo Jack.  Covers are jigged autumn gold bone.  Brass bolsters and bullet shield.  Blades are 1095.  Main clip is 2.75".  Pen is 2.5".



Knife #4

Case Seahorse Whittler (2002).  Covers are Kentucky blue grass jigged bone (though it looks identical to my Bermuda green SHW!).  Blades are Case True Sharp SS.  Main Wharncliffe is 2.5".  Coping and pen are 1".



Giveaway Details:

1.  This GAW is open to all iKC members who joined on or prior to 15 May 2019.

2.  To enter the GAW, just submit an email using the information below under HOW TO ENTEROnly submit ONE email

3.  Last day for submission is December 1st, 2019.  I will use to select the winner.  Each entry will be numbered based on its order of receipt in my mail box.  I will select the winner on December 2nd, 2019 and email the winner on that date.  If I do not hear back from the winner within 48 hours, I will select another (so be sure to check your email the evening of 2 December, or shortly thereafter).

4.  This is very important ... please read this BEFORE you decide to enter the GAW.  Since iKC has members from around the world ... please make sure that you can legally accept delivery of the knife you select where you live.  I don't want to have to research knife laws.  If the winner is from outside the US, I may need to ask for mailing advice to ensure safe delivery.  In the case of outside-the-US delivery, I am sure that there will be customs/VAT concerns.  If the winner is from outside the US, I will be marking the package as a gift and place a nominal value to it of $50.

5.  While I will not hold anyone to the following, I would request that:  1) the winner post a photo of him/herself with the knife on iKC and 2) if the winner decides to sell the knife at some point, he/she consider donating a portion of the proceeds to either his/her local animal shelter or the Sloth Sanctuary